Motivational Speaker

With a no-nonsense attitude toward health and healing, Dyan Parker engages the audience by sharing her journey and offering wisdom, wit, humor, and anecdotes that pack a punch. For corporate clients, she conducts seminars on a wide range of motivational and healing topics including: Living a Healthy Life, Three Days to Increased Energy and 5 Steps to Improving your Life, Relationships, and Productivity. Call for a full list.

What makes Dyan such a Unique Speaker:

Dyan Parker, a dynamic motivational speaker has much to offer any audience, with style, grace, humor, and wisdom she entertains as she educates the audience. She creates a storyline and then weaves through it with both courage and encouragement.

How the speech will benefit your audience:

  • Your audience will come away with passion and insight.
  • All talks are motivational with a warm and engaging style.

For Speaking Inquiries contact Dyan.

Partial List of Topics:

  • Steps to a Healthy Life
  • 30 Days to Increased Energy
  • Laughter= 2 Parts Wisdom, 12 Parts Attitude
  • 5 Steps to Improving Relationships In and Out Of the Work Place
  • 9 Ways to deal with Difficult People
  • Re-ignite Your Motivation
  • Overcoming Adversity In Daily Life
  • The Power Is Within
  • Career Success and How it Translates to Your Health
  • Those Nagging Thoughts: What They Mean And Why You Need Them
  • When I Do My Best I Feel My Best
  • Leisure Time That Rejuvenates
  • How to Stop Your Inner Critic
  • To Fulfill Your Dreams You Got to Know What They Are!
  • How do I Fulfill My Long-Term Goals?
  • What are My Long-Term Goals?
  • Health- What Is It? And How DO I Get It?
  • 7 Changes for a Healthier Life
  • Everyday Passion
  • What it takes to Heal
  • Making Medical Decisions.
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Attitude is Everything
  • There is no such thing as no Cure
  • No one Knows Enough to say What Is and What Is Not Possible

Results for you:

  • You will get WOW Reviews from your Audience.
  • Your audience will be Delighted and Inspired